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Aranet 4 Pro - A compact wireless sensor for full continuous climate monitoring

The Aranet4 Pro is an innovative battery powered wireless sensor for monitoring Air Quality including carbon dioxide (CO2) Levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. It offers a local display in the room being monitored but is designed specifically for the facility manager who teams it up with a Aranet Pro base station to monitor up to 100 locations across the facility being managed.

The Aranet4 Pro communicates via a wireless network of up to 100 sensors. Each Aranet4 Pro Sensor is portable, simple to install and easy to link to the Aranet Pro base station. Its key applications include large commercial settings, bringing together the monitoring of a number of retail outlets, offices, meeting rooms, call centres & storage facilities.

In education it monitors class rooms, assembly halls, theatres and gyms supporting the well-being of children, students and their teachers. In the healthcare sector its supports the maintenance of good air quality in care homes and hospitals. Each individual sensor is portable needs no wiring or external power supply and is thus simple to install.

The importance of monitoring Air Quality and thus the components that effect our well-being is growing. In particular we know that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not life threatening after all we all breath in oxygen and exhale CO2 but that’s sometime the problem because we all know that fresh air is good for us and in today's sealed buildings we often end up breathing too much second-hand air – CO2!

The Aranet4 Pro is not the answer to COVID-19 but it does tell you when a change in the air that you breathe is required especially if you are in a room with other people, it may simply mean that you just need to open a door or window for 10 minutes or switch on the air conditioning to refresh the environment it can be that simple.




ARANET4 Pro Sales Brochure
ARANET4 Pro Sales Brochure
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