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LA Systems has partnered with British manufacturer IPT Technology Ltd to offer a scrubbing solution to significantly reduce ammonia and odour levels.

VentMax 1200 has huge potential for all poultry farms across the UK.

Due to the close proximity of environmentally sensitive areas or neighbouring poultry farms, many new and existing poultry farmers are experiencing difficulty with planning permission and environmental permits.

VentMax 1200 can save time and money by helping you to gain planning permission and get your project underway, allowing you to focus on your core business.

This British manufactured system has been recognised by both The Environment Agency (EA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as being suitable in providing mitigation against both ammonia and odour levels and to assist with environmental permits and planning permission.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice to support the case for environmental compliance and potentially reduce any unnecessary delays in the planning application process.

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