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Air Cleaning for Agriculture


The Future-oriented exhaust air cleaner for poultry and swine farms.

The Lavamatic® drum washer facilitates the exhaust air treatment of poultry and swine farms, and it's supplied as a complete, prefabricated module.

Lavamatic is ready to use when it's delivered.

This system helps to drastically reduce the amount of ammonia, dust and germs emitted by the barn and subsequently released into the surrounding environment, therefore it ensures a safe environment for animals and people.

Lavamatic can simply be placed on the gable wall or on the long side of the stable. The air washer with a cleaning capacity of 50,000 m³/h consists of a unique drum unit without the use of cost-intensive circulation pumps. Furthermore, an optional biological stage is available for odor reduction.

A plug and play solution

Thanks to implementation of the drum washer and the Biofilter, the Lavamatic® exhaust air cleaner is a completely new concept and the only solution of its kind. The drum technology consumes less electricity than the average of similar products on the market, helping farmers to save energy costs.

Its water moving function works without pumps. Compared to conventional air cleaner systems with large circulating pumps, this is unique. Its patented design delivers up to 50% in running cost savings compared to conventional exhaust air cleaner systems and simplifies the technology in general.

  • 90% reduction of ammonia emissions
  • 90% reduction of dust emissions
  • 95% reduction of germs/mold
  • Unique rotating self-cleaning washing drum
  • Very low energy consumption as no large pump technology is needed
  • Low installation space, designed for new buildings or retrofit
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • High operational safety
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