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SKOV DOL 535 Climate and Production Computer


  • MultiStep and Dynamic MultiStep
  • Control according to outside temperature
  • Comfort control
  • Regulation with CO2 minimum ventilation
  • Control of several heat sources, including heat recovery units
  • Humidity control with/without heating
  • High-pressure cooling
  • In-between functions (soaking/cleaning/drying)
  • Extended curve control (temperature, heating, humidity, Tunnel start, minimum and maximum ventilation)
  • Trend curves


  • Feed control (pan feeding, chain feeding, separate outlet feeding)
  • Feed programs for filling and feeding
  • Electronic silo weighing with two feed demand sensors
  • Supervision and control of water supply
  • Customisable values
  • Light control with light program and dimmer
  • Automatic and manual bird weighing
  • Recording of animals
  • Mixing of feed (drum weigher)
  • Feed consumption monitoring
  • Calculation and display of FCR and EPEF

PL-9500 The Next Generation Poultry Management Computer


  • Automatic conversion of house data into clear and transparent management overviews
  • Dual processor:
    Ultra-fast on-screen presentation and direct display of data
    Extra reliability
  • Large 12" touchscreen
  • Universal user interface with clear icons and text
  • Management overview and shortcuts can be configured to your preference
  • 3D house overview with measurement values
  • USB port for updating and logging
  • Option of combination with FarmConnect for access to, and controlling of, the house and the house data from anywhere 24/7
  • Prepared for RFID and Mobile Remote Access


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