For over 45 years we have designed and integrated poultry solutions for various budget requirements


Complete Poultry Solutions

LA Systems have specialising in Poultry ventilation for over 15 years. We work closely with leading ventilation manufacturers SKOV and STIENEN to deliver a complete ventilation package for the U.K poultry marketplace.

Whether you are producing broilers, layers or parent stock, many factors influence the productivity of your livestock. Modern poultry production requires an inclusive overview and creation of optimum conditions for the livestock. House climate is important for animal growth, and the animals will not give optimum yield unless several parameters are in order. SKOV and STIENEN ventilation systems cater for all production types and climate conditions, meaning that both systems ensure the best climate for your flock.

SKOV DA 600/920 Chimney Unit

Dynamic Air - Improved minimum ventilation and optimum heat consumption

A smooth and dirt repellent surface which is suitable for high-pressure cleaning

Environment module increasing the air discharge height.

Impact proof material

STIENEN - Compact Ventilation Chimneys

UV - resistant

80% reduction of transport volume due to compact design

Easy click-system assembly

Easy to clean

SKOV BlueFan DA1700 Wall Fan

Low power consumption

Easy to install and clean

High output - less fans needed

Long durability - fully plastic housing

Secure shutter system

"Ventilation that Matters"

Box Gable Fans

SKOV BLUE BF50 - Direct-driven box fan

Easy Replacement existing gable fans

High performance direct driven fan

Airtight shutter

Energy efficient

PERICOLI - Belt-driven box fan

Available in either a 42" or 53" diameter

Wall housing in galvanised steel or stainless steel

Patented shutter opening system – "omega system"

Designed to minimise maintenance costs

REVENTA - Belt-driven box fan

Stable and durable design

Propeller produced from stainless steel

Shutter bearings are maintenance-free

Patented centrifugal system enables complete and safe opening of the shutter

Functionality of the shutter is barely affected by dust collecting on the shutter blades

Climate Systems

A properly controlled climate improves your animal performance and saves you money on energy costs for ventilation, heating & lighting. We offer a number of cutting-edge climate control equipment to give you the most control possible in your poultry house.

The secret of a healthy climate is to provide your animals with the right volume of fresh air at the right speed in the right place. The primary requirement for a healthy climate is a good air distribution. STIENEN and SKOV have developed inlets which ensures a constant air movement, keeping your flock healthy and optimising performance.

Air Inlets

SKOV 1211 Air Inlet

For embedding in concrete walls or installation in light-duty walls

Air directional baffle directs the air jet in an optimum direction towards the ceiling

Insulated inlets counteracts condensation

Reinforced shutter system ensures inlet shut tightly

Optional extras include fly screens, light baffles and much more

STIENEN AeroWing Inlet

Aerodynamic design

Constant 22-degree air throw, even at minimum ventilation

Minimum risk of freezing

Very easy to assemble

Can be expanded modularly to create tunnel inlets

SKOV 1911 Air Inlet

The largest inlet within SKOV wall inlet range

High performance wall inlet

Ensures a larger volume of air reaches into the shed

Quick & easy cleaning

Huge building full of baby chicks

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